MasterCard Send for Person-to-Person Payments

Helping financial institutions and other partners simplify person-to-person (P2P) payments for consumers

MasterCard Send enables P2P solutions that offer the best consumer experience with convenient, immediate and secure transactions from any account through any device. Consumers can send and receive digital payments within seconds*, compared to existing solutions that limit transfers within a closed-loop network or involve ACH, which can take several days. 

Partner Benefits

  • Leverage the MasterCard network and value chain relationships to get to market fast and achieve scale quickly, so that you can deliver a better consumer experience than ACH and check-based solutions
  • Generate new revenues by facilitating payments to and from consumers
  • Capture new customers and transaction volumes
  • Increase customer satisfaction/retention

Consumer Benefits

  • Send funds securely to friends and family simply by providing the recipient's email address or phone number
  • Deliver funds to friends and family within seconds*
  • Enjoy the convenience of electronic payments over cash and checks -- for example, there's no need to fill out/send and deposit paper checks, and no risk of loss or theft
          *Depending on receiving financial insitution

Cross-Border Remittances

Safe multichannel money transfer solution


Send funds to existing cards connected to existing accounts

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