Audible Brand

In marketplaces where visual identities can’t exist, the use of the audible MasterCard brand assures consumers that the strength of the MasterCard brand stands behind the transaction.

The audible MasterCard® brand is a short, memorable combination of three musical tones which enhances the visual and verbal dimensions of the MasterCard brand. The audible brand is intended for use primarily in interactive and remote environments as a functional signal for the completion of a transaction.

Environments appropriate for the use of the audible MasterCard brand include websites, unattended kiosks or terminals, and mobile commerce using mobile phones and personal digital assistants where traditional visual branding methods may not be available.

MasterCard also has developed a custom animation of the MasterCard Acceptance Mark which, if technology allows, may be combined with the audible brand adding an active visual dimension to the tones. The animation has been developed for the full-color version of the MasterCard Acceptance Mark for use in full-color environments such as on website payment confirmation pages, and also for the outline version of the Brand Mark for one-color environments.

All use of the audible brand (and accompanying custom animation) must be granted directly by MasterCard. For more information contact the Brand Manager.