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Where can I download approved artwork?

Approved artwork for websites (PNG and SVG) may be downloaded here. Approved artwork for print applications (EPS) may be downloaded here. Approved artwork for office applications (PNG) may be downloaded here.

Who is authorized to use Mastercard® brand artwork?

Merchants who accept a Mastercard payment brand or brands may display Acceptance Marks to indicate acceptance of the brand(s). Only Acceptance Marks for the brand(s) accepted may be used on store signage, receipts, and/or websites.

Issuers, acquirers, co-brand partners, and their communications resources may use Brand Marks to market or promote Mastercard-branded products or services in print communications, on-screen communications, and/or advertising.

What’s the difference between the Mastercard Brand Mark and the Mastercard Acceptance Mark?

Our Brand Marks represent the unique essence of our brand—everything it is and does, its image in the minds of the consumers and merchants who use it, its personality and promise. The Brand Marks are used in printed communications, on-screen communications, and in advertising. They are never used to communicate acceptance, unless color or size limitations require the use of the grayscale or one-color versions in acceptance situations.

The Acceptance Mark is a combined mark which includes the Brand Mark placed on the black rectangle in order to provide a consistent, neutral background for acceptance situations.

Do I need to update the decal on my store door/window? On my website?

Over time, merchants will be expected to display the new Mastercard Acceptance Mark, but no immediate action is required. We encourage all merchants to update acceptance signage in the normal course of business as that will help ensure a better and more consistent consumer experience. Online merchants will be expected to update the Mastercard acceptance market at their earliest convenience within normal update/coding cycles.

Where can I find standards for card design?

Standards and artwork for card design are proprietary and are available only to financial institutions and certified card manufacturers of Mastercard. If you are a financial institution or approved card manufacturer, please access the Card Design Standards System through Mastercard Connect™. For specific questions regarding cards, please contact your regional representative.

Multiple files are included in the ZIP file I downloaded. Which do I use?

When you download authorized brand artwork (i.e., PNG or SVG files for website use, PNG files for office use, EPS files for commercial printing), you'll receive the artwork file you requested along with a PDF (Portable Document Format) document detailing our branding requirements for using that artwork.

The PDF document is for reference only and may not be published on a website or used for professional printing; always use authorized brand artwork, never PDF files, to produce branded communications materials.

Distributing documents as PDF files ensures that they can be viewed consistently on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems without any special software other than the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application. After you've downloaded a PDF, you may view it on your computer or print it on your office laser printer without online access. Please check the online Brand Center frequently for the most recently updated information available.

Visit if you need to download the current version of the free Acrobat Reader software.

I don't have WinZip. How can I open the file(s) I downloaded?

You can download free software for expanding ZIP archives. WinZip software (for expanding ZIP files on computers) is available at

Why did the Mastercard logo change?

The continued transformation of Mastercard to a more digitally-driven company is reflected in our evolved brand identity – which is simplified, modernized, and optimized for relevance in an increasingly digital world.

Why did the Brand Center change?

Our brand is evolving and so is our Brand Center!

Why is the company name written in lowercase in the logo? In written materials, why is the “c” in Mastercard now lower case?

The all lower case typography is a design cue that signals simplicity and modernity. For “Mastercard” it also serves to de-emphasize the word “Card” in our name as a nod to our much broader extension into the digital world, which includes “Masterpass.”

How can I order decals/stickers for my business?

You may place an order for up to five pre-printed decals here. Or email us at or call our Fulfillment Center at 1-888-866-6565.

I ordered materials, but they haven’t arrived yet. How long will it be before I receive my order?

Digital artwork and standards may be downloaded immediately. Decals are shipped to the mailing address you provided.

Please allow at least 15 business days to receive your materials from the time you place your order from the Mastercard Brand Center. If your order does not arrive within the allotted time, please email us at


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