Greater security, greater trust

Safer and more secure ways to pay can empower both citizens and governments

When people trust in the security of their money, they are more confident and likely to conduct commerce.

This drives growth in the economy and helps improve lives — from the small business owner who no longer has to worry about handling large amounts of cash to the mother who feels safer traveling with a payment card rather than cash.

Safety is the fundamental promise at the heart of every MasterCard transaction. We know safety and security are top priorities for merchants, consumers, issuers and governments, so we won’t stand still in developing new and better ways to keep payments safe.

For nearly 50 years we have been building a World Beyond Cash™, where every person and every payment is protected.

World Beyond Cash

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MasterCard’s approach to safety and security

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MasterCard’s Academy of Risk Management has fraud and risk mitigation resources to further your knowledge