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Peace of mind that’s Priceless®

Safety is at the heart of MasterCard’s story

We know that safety and security are top priorities for our customers, cardholders, merchants and other partners. That’s why we won’t stand still in developing new and better ways to keep payments safe. As technology advances, devices change and payment methods adapt, we continually innovate to ensure the safety of billions of electronic payments wherever and whenever they occur. Our goal is to build a World Beyond Cash™ where every person, every payment and every device is protected.

Partnering with merchants

A rich ecosystem of tools that help merchants prevent fraud and protect their business

Innovating for issuers

Pioneering sophisticated security technologies that better equip issuers in the fight against fraud

Security benefits that come with your card

Zero Liability protection 

Have added peace of mind in knowing that the bank or credit union that issued your MasterCard won't hold you responsible for unauthorized transactions. Zero Liability applies to transactions made in-store, over the telephone or online. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

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Identity theft resolution services

Worried that your identity has been compromised? We can help with 24/7 access to certified resolution specialists who can assist you with credit bureau notification, replace your MasterCard(s) and cancel all of the lost or stolen cards in your wallet. Call 1-800-MASTERCARD to learn more.

MasterCard chip technology 

Enjoy the added security of chip technology close to home and abroad. Chip cards have a microchip embedded in the card that provides increased protection against fraud using proven technology that is already in use around the world.

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Know how to protect yourself

Be informed

No one should contact you for your personal information or account data. If this should happen, hang up the phone or delete the email, and contact your bank using the phone numbers on the back of your card. You can also visit your bank's website to report suspicious activity.

Be vigilant

We encourage you to monitor your accounts and check your statements regularly for transactions that you don't recognize. Should you suspect fraudulent activity, contact the financial institution that issued your card immediately.

Get educated

There are many things you can do to prevent fraud. For example, avoid clicking on links you don't recognize, learn about creating smart passwords and shred old statements before throwing them out.