MasterCard® Multinational Corporate Program

By consolidating all of your global card payments into one easy-to-administer card program, the MasterCard Multinational Corporate Program (MMCP) is an efficient, cost-effective method enabling you to conduct business seamlessly.

Strengthen your global footprint with an established brand

  • Hundreds of MasterCard commercial issuers worldwide
  • Over 100 countries with local issuance capabilities
  • Cross-border issuing development support with regional support, franchise and advisors
  • Partnerships and data integration with leading expense management and ERP providers
  • T&E partners across the globe that supply enhanced data capability

Choose from payment and information solutions that fit varied needs

Payment capability

  • MasterCard Corporate, Purchasing and Multi Card
  • Central Travel Solution (CTS) programs

Purchase control

  • Information and integration solutions
  • Smart Data 
  • Enhanced data services
  • VAT recovery

Centralize your transaction and industry data with MasterCard Global Data

  • Consolidate global reporting
  • Generate reports consisting of transaction data and industry data with MasterCard Smart Data
  • Get data delivered to your ERP system or MasterCard's web-based tool
  • Make smarter decisions with data matching capabilities

Get world-class support throughout the sales process

  • Promotional activities
  • Business development support
  • Online marketing assistance
  • Program optimization tools
  • Lead generation