MasterCard Send for Disbursements

Providing a faster, more secure way to disburse funds to consumers

MasterCard Send enables disbursers such as businesses, governments and nonprofits to send funds to and from any U.S. debit card account including non-MasterCard debit cards within seconds*.

By distributing funds electronically, disbursers can reduce administrative expenses associated with check and ACH payments. 

Disburser benefits

  • Send funds to virtually any existing U.S. debit card account within seconds*
  • Achieve a competitive advantage by disbursing funds to consumers more quickly
  • Provide a better consumer experience
  • Reduce paper check processing costs
  • Reduce customer abandonment associated with micro-deposit ACH tests
  • Realize efficiencies in the escheatment process

Consumer benefits

  • Receive funds directly into an existing bank account within seconds*, simply by providing the debit card number associated with the account
  • No need to wait for mail, or for the check to clear
  • Receive funds without tracking down routing or account numbers
* Depending on receiving financial institution

Cross-Border Remittances

Safe multichannel money transfer solution

Domestic P2P

Easy and secure payments between people in the same country

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